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I really did know they wouldn’t come over.

August 21, 2011

Well on friday I waited for my children to come over for their visit, anxious, just as I knew I would be. 5:45 came and I hoped that at 6pm (the legal ETA,estimated time of arrival) or shortly there-after I would see them pull in the drive-way. Not at s6 not at 6:15, not at all. I wasn’t surprised, but I was more disappointed than I thought I would be. I had texted the EX and asked where they were? “they don’t want to come over” was her reply. My hope is that this doesn’t happen with frequency to other fathers. The sheriff’s department said it happens a lot. Why, when the evidence supports children needing two parents, does one parent always play the deviant god? I stayed home watched news over and over and fell asleep.

Saturday took a trip to Ocoee and Hiwasee rivers near Benton, TN. Went to look at potential hang gliding fly station. No active hang gliding going on, but the trip was wholesome and will be returning for future fun. I don’t know how but I will have to get my kids and probably have to do it through the broken legal system with crotchedy old judges who have been around too long, and lawyers who do little for the money they steal, yes STEAL from everyone’s pocket. I can say that because I have rarely met an attorney who does his job with the integrity one would expect with the fees they charge. So if ANYONE knows a moral attorney, prove me wrong. I REALLY want to find that gem.

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