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Is there an end to the games she plays?

September 5, 2011

I wonder if she really understands, what is her motive? I wonder if she understands anything at all. I want to scream in her ear, or EARS if it helps more, until she hears the nonsense she doesn’t say! Over a month now since I have been able to hug my daughter, to see her eyes and one-of-a-kind smile. Even longer since I have given my son a high five and listened to his “rants” on the state of our govenment, to have his presence and know that even our distance never keeps us apart. Ex-wives are frustratingly ignorant women and lack a capacity to know what to give in life. They are takers, users of people, greedy and self absorbed. They ask for and get a divorce and then want more. Why a woman pretends to be self-sufficient is beyond me. They can’t really take care of themselves, they are complainers with no sense of life direction unless they are being given their means. Again I am needing to go through a dysfunctional legal system to fight to have a life with my children. I have to grudgingly fight an ex-wife one who cannot see through her irrational needs and her attempts to manipulate everything for her sense of “justice”. Somehow for some reason she wants me to “pay” because for her lack of judgement; a decision she made to divorce is back-firing hmmm, and the damned grass wasn’t greener. She listened to her shit-house lawyer friends about how she could make her life better and now she smells the essence of her life. Smells like compost I bet.

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