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Today the day of reckoning… in a way

August 19, 2011

Today is the day (again) that my two kids visit. I look forward every week to that short span of time I get to call mine. Each Friday (usually) I will legally get them for either a visit for the evening and night or I will get them for the weekend. These Fridays, I await with anxiety, always. You see, I cannot know if I will get them or not. It matters not that legally I should. My ex believes that for whatever reason she has devised in her mind, that I am to be persecuted for her decision to divorce me. Yes, she divorced me, yet somehow she believes I do not have a right to a visit each week. I believe I have a right to visit every day. Afterall, I did get that when we lived to gether. I was able every morning to wake them and every night kiss them as they lay down their heads, and I miss that…my heart and soul misses that. For now I will be waiting for 6pm to see if they are with me for the weekend.

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